Tuesday, 06 March 2012

The brand new Kiddy Guardian Fix Pro Car seat is we think the first Isofix Group 1,2,3 car seat on the UK market.

All the kiddy seats utilize their impact cushion technology which replaces the need for a 5 point harness. The nature of the impact cushion technology means that these seats perform almost as well as rear facing car seats. They have won lots of awards particularly from ADAC - the highly respected German Automobile Association who actually have the facility to do their own crash testing. If you have never seen how kiddy car seats work - check out the new kiddy video below. It takes a bit of getting used to ie. having an impact cushion rather than a 5 point harness but this system really works and it is also phenomenally easy to install and use which means the danger of incorrect fitting is greatly reduced.

We really like these seats - simple but effective. There will be a lot more seats with impact cushions in the future - maybe in 20 years time all car seats will incorporate an impact cushion - who knows. Until then Kiddy have this market pretty much to themsleves.

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