Saturday, 28 April 2012

The long awaited GT is certainly the hot new buggy on the block! The single in Shadow/Black and in Bamboo and the double GT in Shadow/Black colour ways have been trickling in to stock and then flying out of the door over the past couple of weeks! Look out for the single GT in Crimson later this year.

I was fortunate enough to be able to snap one up as soon as they hit the UK market and couldn't wait to roll it around Oxfordshires streets and countryside.

It did not disappoint....

Having had two buggys which each filled a purpose for me, I really needed to condense down in to one brilliant all rounder. I was using a Mountain Buggy with air filled tyres for bumpy alleys and off road terrain and a BJCM for trips in the car, or on the bus to town.

The GT, I have found, is the perfect blend and can easily accomodate my big 2 year old boy with plenty of growing room. I like how it subtly sets itself apart from the City Mini with it's black chassis with slightly bigger and wider more padded seat unit, the hand brake and adjustable handle bar are great and I'm absolutely loving the 8.5 inch "forever air" wheels. The overall weight, while being a couple of kilos heavier to lift than the City Mini, actually feels lighter to push about in my opinion due to the wheels. These are what really cinched it for me as our daily school run route requires the bounciness of air filled wheels without the hassle of getting punctures. The buggy is silent to push and gives very nearly all the bounce of proper pneumatic tyres. Great!

Other excellent features which Baby Jogger are famous for are the enormous hood which doubles up as a sunshade, the easy to use raincover and the easy one hand fold.

The only minor criticism I might add is that the "Auto Lock" isn't exactly automatic and requires some tension to push the lock in to's a minor quibble and one which I doubt would put anyone off buying this brilliant pushchair.

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