Monday, June 11, 2012

Your mother knows best = - or does she ...

What a delightful morning we had at pushchairs and carseats with a charming group of young mothers and their adorable babies.  We enjoyed tea and cakes whilst learning how to sort out the multitude of options available when choosing a car seat and the value of one to one expert help.  I enjoyed myself hugely being allowed several cuddles with the young charmers all of whom behaved impeccably, I really admire the way mothers today seem so relaxed and capable - I remember being a lot more anxious and I didn't have all the information on the internet to disturb me! 

I take my hat off to them all and am considering changing the name of this blog to "granny learns how to suck eggs"!  Visitors to the showroom are always welcome, it helps if we know you are coming so the appropriate expert can be available, especially if you are coming a reasonable distance, and if you would like a similar event for a small group that can be arranged too.

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